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Auburn Family Medical has medical experts that will work together to provide you with the very best when it comes to woman’s health care.


From PAP screenings to educational services, we will provide care through a truly unique mix of compassion and advanced technology. You will find treatment options for specific issues that primarily affect women.

Taking extra steps in your health as a woman are extremely beneficial. You need to be proactive about your health.


Get the tools you need from us for complete preventative woman’s health care. Call us today to schedule your appointment and begin taking an active role in your health.

Preventative care can save your life

Compassion is our gift to you

  • PAP screening

  • Breast exams

  • Birth control and family planning

  • Treatment for women’s health issues

  • Preventative care

  • Education

  • And much more

Just some of the services we offer:

Receive some of the finest holistic woman’s health services when you come tous. You will see that our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of best family health care practice in the Tupelo, MS area.

Incredible holistic woman's health care

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